Nashville Peace Coalition
You are welcome to attend our meetings, or join our online discussion group, or both. We are looking for ways to promote peace, and all of the things that are connected to it -- nonviolence, economic justice, sustainability, etc.

Meetings: usually Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm, at the the Nashville Peace and Justice Center, which is in the Friends Meeting House, 530 26th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37209-4137. Usually around 5 or 10 people show up. We're pretty informal; the main rule is that everyone gets to speak. We plan rallies and other events.

Online discussion:

Other progressive events in town: Also, if the Peace Coalition has any schedule changes, we'll list them there.

Recent major event: Bradley Manning weekend.

Further information: about this web page or any of the stuff listed on it. The webmaster is Eric Schechter,, (615) 414-4572.

This photo from February 6, 2010, shows several of our regulars, plus a few other people who came for the rally. Left to right: John van der Harst (inside the Mr. Corporatocracy puppet), Jane Hussain (in red hat, holding "Tax the Rich" sign), Liz Barger (holding "Fund Healthcare"), Bill Humble (holding "This Party's Over," referring to the Tea Party that we were demonstrating against), someone whose name I don't know (holding "Healthcare Not Warfare"), Jacob Kaset ("expand medicare"), Eric Schechter (in rainbow colored hat, holding a sign that is not showing), Jerry Harder (hidden behind "government of the people"), and someone I don't know (holding some a sign that says something about corporations).